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Below are resources and tools available to support participants as they work to advance personal and process safety within their organizations.  These resources may be filtered by OSA Foundational Area as well as OSA Participant Action. These resources are provided for illustration purposes only and do not amend existing industry standards or establish new standards.  Each company should develop its own approach, and sound business, scientific, engineering, and safety judgment should be used in employing the information contained herein.  


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    Working in Hot Weather

    It is important employees are aware of the dangers associated with extreme hot temperatures and are prepared to work in them. To reduce the risks of heat illness you need to know when you are at risk, how to recognize the symptoms and what to do if symptoms occur: 

    Key Safety Behaviors

    Key safety behaviors that all workers should remember when carrying out their work tasks.

    Planning Area

    Through Planning area actions, companies improve performance by establishing standard requirements, by instituting high risk identification and evaluations, and by managing change to equipment and operations.

    Leadership Area

    The Leadership area encourages companies to take steps within their organization which establish visible leadership through regular and effective communication and engagement with front line supervision and other members of the onsite workforce.

    IOGP Life-Saving Rules

    IOGP has developed many resources and tools around its Life-Saving Rules which are available for free to all companies.  

    What is a What-If Analysis Methodology?

    What –If Analysis is a structured risk assessment method of determining the potential consequences of the failures that could occur and judging the likelihood of those consequences. 

    Barriers or Safeguards

    Barriers or safeguards are equipment or actions that directly prevent or mitigate an incident or impact.